Inpatient Treatment

Compassion and expertise for clients in crisis

Our 68 bed inpatient facility in West Seattle is the last refuge for some of our city’s most chronically mentally ill residents—people who are in life-threatening crisis, difficult to stabilize, and ineligible for other inpatient facilities. Nearly all of the patients we receive are committed involuntarily; many are homeless.

Building on the principles of recovery, we utilize trauma informed care that is strength-based and consumer-driven.A treatment team including a psychiatrist, nurse, primary care provider, case manager, and others seek to assess then stabilize the patients who come to us using a combination of medication and supportive therapies. No two patients are alike; every person who comes to us must be seen with fresh eyes and an open mind. Chemical dependency, medical conditions, and even hygiene issues from living on the streets can all color and complicate diagnoses and treatment, which are equal parts art and science.

Once a patient is stabilized, he or she works with their treatment team to create a wellness and recovery action plan. Patients learn the benefits of staying on their medications and develop goals for building healthy behaviors and a network of support. Many of our patients refer to this as their “tool box.”

Upon discharge, we connect patients with a range of essential resources, including housing, outpatient treatment, treatment for chemical dependency, and more. We work closely with patients and their families to help them meet their treatment goals, manage their symptoms, and rebuild healthy lives after they’ve left our care.