School-aged Children (Ages 6-12)

Expert care for your child. Compassionate support for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a child—or a child’s parent or caregiver. If you’re concerned about a child who is struggling with emotional problems, abuse, or behavioral problems—or if your child is experiencing severe mental illness—we’re here to help.

  • Care when kids need it most.

    Research shows that early experiences can shape mental health and chances for success later in life. We’ll show you how to help your child heal and lay the foundation for a healthy life.

  • You’re not alone.

    Being a parent or caregiver can be challenging. And having a child with mental health or behavioral issues can be both scary and exhausting. We’ll help you find resources that help you support your child, and take care of yourself, too.

  • Made for you.

    Treatment at Navos is tailored to fit your situation—your particular needs and strengths, your culture and values. Our team will take the time to listen and understand where you and your child are in life, and develop treatment accordingly.