Care for Adults

A place to step out of the storm.

If you’re ready to recover from mental illness or addiction, we’re ready to help.

At Navos, you’ll find expert care, provided by compassionate people whose first priority is to treat you with respect. Besides treatment for mental health and a substance use disorder, we can provide you with medical care, help you find a job, tell you about housing options, and much more.

  • Independence Bridge

    Every year in Washington, approximately 35 percent of youth aging out of foster care end up on the street within a year. Independence Bridge is helping to change that. It’s an apartment community housing 24 adults aged 18-25 who are leaving out of foster care, and who could benefit from a safe and respectful community of peers as they establish a strong foundation for their independent adult lives.

  • See someone today.

    Get the help you need for mental illness or a substance use disorder right now. Schedule an appointment by calling 206-248-8226.

  • The goal is recovery.

    We operate from the belief that recovery from mental illness is possible—and our clients regularly prove us right. We’ll help you use your strengths to get your life back on your terms.

  • Your home for total health care.

    At Navos, you can get mental health treatment and primary medical care all in once place, from a team who knows and cares about you. By combining care, we can help you prevent and treat serious health issues.

  • Connections to community.

    You don’t have to make your journey to recovery alone. We’ll help you build and strengthen relationships with friends, family (however you define it) and your community so you can get grounded and move forward with your life.