Who We Are and What We Do

Lives reclaimed. Hope restored.

At Navos, we offer a healing home for children, young people and adults who might be underserved, overlooked or otherwise at risk of falling through the cracks. We’re often the last hope for people with nowhere else to turn. We believe in recovery, and that each person has the potential to live a full and healthy life.

Our mission is to transform the quality of life for people vulnerable to mental illness and substance use disorders by providing a broad continuum of care. We believe that diversity, inclusion and equity are vital to living our values and achieving our mission. That translates to dozens of innovative varieties of treatment, healing and support for a diverse range of King County residents, many of whom live in poverty, most because of their mental illness or substance use disorder. It means care for adults. Care for kids. Care for the homeless, for those traumatized by violence, and for those whose mental illness or addiction has robbed them of the promise of a full life.

Passionately patient-centered

Our services begin with compassion and with a desire to hear our client’s stories. We ask, “What’s happened to you?” rather than “What’s wrong with you?,” knowing that our client’s experiences often hold the key to their recovery. Our work is grounded in the latest behavioral-health science, and delivered by experts who are passionate about their work, often because their own lives have been shaped in some way by a relative or friend someone with mental illness.

We understand that being culturally competent and aware is to be respectful and inclusive of the beliefs and attitudes, healing practices, and cultural and linguistic needs of the different groups we serve. As behavioral health practitioners, we embrace that cultural competence must be a guiding principle, so that services are culturally sensitive and provide culturally appropriate prevention, outreach, assessment and intervention.


Focused on recovery

We believe all people with a mental illness or substance use disorder can lead meaningful lives and successfully manage their illnesses, and we provide treatment tailored for each client’s particular needs. For one person, that might mean helping them understand their medication and develop coping strategies. For another, it could mean connecting them to housing or a job. We believe every one of our clients, regardless of their situation, should have as much control of their lives as their illness allows. We work closely with clients to develop their individual goals and treatment plan; even the most seriously ill clients participate in their own care.

More than mental health

Because people with mental illness and addiction statistically die decades sooner than the general population—mostly from untreated and preventable chronic disease—we were one of the first mental health treatment providers in the nation to provide “integrated care,” combining general health care with treatment for mental illness and addiction. For thousands of King County residents, Navos is a “health care home” where they receive primary care as well as treatment for their mental illness or addiction, coordinated and supported by our staff to ensure the best chance of a healthy outcome.

And because we believe that every person deserves access to high-quality treatment and an opportunity to life a full life, we are committed to equity and inclusion in our services, in our workplace, and in our community.

Navos Consortium

The Consortium is a collaboration of community-based organizations that provide quality behavioral health for adults, children, youth and their families throughout King County. The Consortium allows member organizations to participate in the managed Medicaid behavioral health system.  The Consortium comprises more than 22 mental health and social service providers who contract with us to perform administrative services, clinical oversight, and more.

By contracting for our services, members of the Consortium are able to dedicate more of their resources to serving people with mental illness. Many members serve children and families and, together with Navos, serve almost half the children who receive care in the King County mental health system. Other members of the Consortium offer specialized programs for immigrants and the elderly.

The Consortium Vision:

The Consortium as a collective ensures that all people have the support, skills and tools they need to attain and maintain the behavioral health and wellness necessary to achieve their full potential and to become contributing members of their community. The Consortium is committed to equity.

The Consortium Mission:

A. Provide access for behavioral health services, no matter how severe. We have over 20 years working collectively to provide culturally and linguistically relevant services to the most seriously challenged adults, children, youth and their families.

B. Provide broad geographic access and single point of access to all behavioral health services in our local community.

C. Ensure communities of color and other specialized communities receive accessible, culturally relevant services.

D. Provide collaborative care promoting emotional wellness, resiliency, independence and recovery for individuals and families based on our expertise and research based practices.

E. Maintain fidelity of treatment with network providers through training, monitoring, quality improvement and outcome measures.

Consortium Members

  • Annara Counseling Services
  • Center for Human Services
  • Coleman Family Services
  • Friends of Youth
  • Full Life Care
  • Humanity’s Children
  • Kent Youth & Family Services
  • King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
  • Lutheran Community Services Northwest
  • Matumaini Counseling & Community Center
  • Nexus Youth and Families
  • Northshore Youth & Family Services
  • Olive Crest Home & Services for Abused Children
  • Refugee Women’s Alliance
  • Renton Area Youth & Family Services
  • Southeast Youth & Family Services
  • Sisters in Common
  • Southwest Youth & Family Services
  • Transitional Resources
  • Vashon Youth & Family
  • YWCA
  • Youth Eastside Services