Children, Youth & Families

By helping children, teens and their families discover their resilience and capacity for recovery, we foster healing and hope. In schools, in homes, and in children’s care centers, we help young people and their families overcome the effects of poverty, violence, mental illness, and substance abuse. Our counselors provide a range of culturally appropriate therapies, including family therapy, play therapy for younger children, and both individual and group therapy for older children and teens.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our services, please call our Community Access Line 206-248-8226 Mon-Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm.


Infant Mental Health (0-5)

Our Infant Mental Health program is mindful of the many challenges and strengths of families with young children. Research shows that early experiences matter. Our program promotes healthy social and emotional development early in life.

Our caring team of therapists all have expertise in infant/child development and family relationships and create a treatment plan that supports the whole family. We work closely with parents or caregivers, often in their own home, to help them develop the confidence and skills to care for and bond with their children. We also offer “wraparound” services, helping clients connect to resources such as housing, food, diapers, assistance navigating government agencies, and more.

  • Parent-Child Therapy
  • Early Relationship Assessment and Support
  • Dependancy Court Counseling
  • Resources for Basic Needs
  • Professional Consultation to Early Childhood Care Providers

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School-Age Children (6-12)

Navos’ counselors provide therapeutic and assessment services for children, youth and families who may be struggling with challenges related to emotional health (like anxiety and depression), family problems, drug and alcohol use, peer relationships issues,child abuse, trauma, bullying, school difficulties, and behavioral problems.

Our compassionate and professional staff are available to provide services at one of our four Navos office locations, in many Highline and Seattle schools, and at times in homes or community settings.

  • Individual Therapy, Play Therapy, Skill Building, and Behavior Change Support
  • Family-Centered Therapy and Parenting Strategies
  • School-Based Early Prevention and Intervention Services: In addition we have established excellent relationships with schools in the Highline and Seattle School Districts and provide extensive school based services. Check with your school front desk to see if your school has a Navos counselor or to get more information.
  • Residential Behavioral Rehabilitation Services: Children from age 5 to 13 years who have been removed from their family or foster home because of abuse, neglect or unsafe or violent behavior receive intensive residential treatment at the RDCC campus in Burien. A child average treatment in residential care ranges from several weeks to several months.
  • In-home and Mental Health Support for Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • Resources and Case Management

Youth and Young Adult (13-21)

  • Office Community Based Counseling: Targeting at-risk youth and families, giving them a chance to cope with trauma, restore families by reducing violence and give care and hope to children who are abused and neglected.
  • POW! LGBT Youth Empowerment Group: A safe place for LGBTQ and allied youth 13-21 facilitated by clinical professionals to build community and promote social justice through empowerment, leadership, and advocacy in South King County.
  • Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Serving youth seeking drug and alcohol assessments in addition to intensive outpatient treatment.
  • Chemical Dependency Assessments: We use a detailed assessment to get a picture of the whole child: mental and physical health, drug and alcohol use, peer and family relationships, and legal issues.
  • Individual and Group Counseling: We work with youth and families to overcome the challenges of Drug and Alcohol abuse. We use a wrap around philosophy with the family to treat the issue. The counselor can recommend a range of services, from school-based to outpatient individual and group sessions to inpatient treatment. We set goals that utilize your child’s interests and strengths.
  • Relapse Prevention Services: Helping youth identify or create the natural resources that exist in their own lives, communities, and families.
  • Case Management and Referrals: Connecting youth to resources, dual diagnosis, emotional regulation, anger, mental health issues, trauma, risk management, finding the trigger element that may exist connecting them to support structures to maximize potential for sobriety.